Asper the Swarna Prashna held in the Temple under the divine presence of Kashi Mathadhipathi H H Srimad Samyameendra Thirtha Swamiji it has been suggested that we need to go for Devasthana Jeernoddhara of our temple. It includes Hanumantha Temple, Goddess Mahalaxmi Mookambika Temple, Bramhara Pratista etc. The temple committee also planned to extend Jeernoddhara activities for basic developmental activities like Rooms for Kulavee Mahajans, Archak Vasathi Griha, Yajna Mantapa, Chariot rooms, safe locker room, compound Walls, etc.

First Phase Of Jeernodhara- “Shilamaya Devasthana to Lord Hanumantha”
Earlier, in 1922, the Hanumantha Idol was brought to the temple from Someshwara Kote and prathishtapan was done in the same period, in front of Shri Venkataramana temple facing Lord Shri Venkataramana. Subsequently, after a span of 50 years, restoration of temple was done by Late Chitpady Ramkrishna Bhaktha and Family in the period of 1972. Now again, after 50 years, in fond memory of Late Chitpady S Ramakrishna Bhaktha, his Children took a major role with the mahajans in the construction of new “Shilamaya Devasthana” to Lord Hanumantha which as a probable life of 500 years.

This new “Shilamaya Devasthana” work has been assigned to Renjal Radhamadhava Shenoy and the stone works were made in his “ Shri Bhuvanendra Shilpa Shala”. The Shilanyasa (foundation stone) was laid down by the Divine hands of H.H Shrimad Samyameendra Theertha Swamiji on Jyeshta Shuddha Dashami i.e 20th June, 2021. The temple is about 2500 sq.ft having gharbha griha (Sanctum) with gopuram, two beautifully carved pillers, and floor space for devotees to perform bhajan and other religious activities. The Exterior walls of temple consists carvings and the entire temple was built by using______ rock. On 20th of February 2022 the Prathishta of Lord Shri Hanumantha is done by the Divine hands of H.H Shrimad Samyameendra Theertha Swamiji.

Second Phase of Jeernodhara- “Vaidik Villas and Guest House”
By considering the need for a sophisticated accommodation to the Archak Family, devotees and guests, Guest House will be constructed in the temple premises. Basic reason for the construction of of yathri nivas is our Kulavee Mahajans often face issues in getting accommodation. Several devotees spend a hefty amount to get accomodation in hotels. Our yathri nivas within temple premises surrounded by greenary of western ghats and divinity will provide them much needed relief.
This is indeed opportunity for all devotees to participate in the auspicious occasion without fail in the jeernoddhara activity 



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